Introducing Onsite Medical Hub – For good workforce health

Workforce Employee Vaccination and COVID-19 Screening across Victoria by Onsite Medical Hub
Workforce Employee Vaccination and COVID-19 Screening across Victoria by Onsite Medical Hub

At Victoria's forefront

Introducing Onsite Medical Hub, a new workplace vaccination clinic, with a commitment to be at the forefront of protecting workplace employees from seasonal influenza and global pandemic threats.

Based at the heart of Melbourne city, Onsite Medical Hub has established a network of partners that functions all across the state of Victoria. Each year they work with a range of clients catering to the needs of businesses including retail, hospitality and building and construction, however big or small.

Whether your workplace needs to provide vaccinations to upto 5000 employees or coordinating 100 COVID-19 tests at a time, they cater to all your unique needs that have been possible with their partnership with NATA/RPCA accredited laboratory, Australian Clinical Labs.

Onsite Medical Hub offers services in Melbourne and extends throughout Victoria with affiliate partners in all other states of Australia.

A team that delivers

Onsite Medical Hub has teamed up with top-notch general practitioners and nurses with a management team who are highly experienced in conducting both on-site and off-site employee health screenings and vaccination programs.

“Our experienced medical and nursing team will attend your workplace and administer vaccinations with minimal disruption to work-flow and productivity. Vaccination programs can be delivered to your industry-specific needs, whilst catering to your organisation’s unique preference and systems.”

Lead by Dr. Katie Mellor, their streamlined testing programs enables your employees to get vaccinated from influenza, health screenings and medical advice, all under one roof. In addition, they are conducting onsite COVID-19 employee screenings for all employees to get tested and receive their results quickly.

Visit the Onsite Medical Hub website to learn more.