How to help your partner prepare for and recover from a vasectomy

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Is your husband or partner undergoing a vasectomy? Surgery, especially reproductive operations, can be nerve wracking and uncomfortable for a lot of men. Choosing permanent contraception is often a joint decision so remaining supportive through the entire process of a vasectomy is important. Here’s how you can support your partner through getting a vasectomy, from the preparation to the recovery. 


Every surgery involves some level of preparation, and a vasectomy is no exception. There’s a few things you can do as a partner to ensure you are both prepared before the procedure. 

Decide together

Choosing to get a vasectomy isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Deciding to undergo the snip means limiting your choice to have children later on. It’s vital to ensure both parties are on the same page about the surgery and feel good about the decision. No one wants to feel pressured into the decision or regret the choice later on.

Schedule the date 

Booking a vasectomy isn’t as simple as booking a haircut. You’ll need to factor at least a day or two of recovery post operation. As you’ll be caring for your partner post procedure, choose a date which works for both of you. If you have children then it’s a good idea to arrange suitable childcare for the day of the procedure. 

Attend the clinic

It’s common for men to feel nervous before the procedure so having a loved one accompany them to the clinic can help to ease their nerves. Some calming and supportive words prior are always appreciated. If you are unable to wait with them or come into the operation room, arrange to drop and pick your partner up afterwards. They’ll be tired following the procedure so likely won’t feel like driving. 

Stock up on the essentials

Take the time before the procedure to ensure you’ve got all the recovery essentials. Many former patients recommend resting  to ease the swelling, panadol to help with pain, and supportive underwear like jockstraps / Briefs rather than boxers. Purchasing your partners favourite snacks and treats is also a lovely way to make them feel supported and loved post recovery.


The recovery time for a vasectomy is considered rather short as it’s an out-patient procedure, but it will take a few weeks till your partner feels totally back to normal. Here are a few ways to help them recover from their procedure. 

Encourage rest

There can be pressure for men to “bounce back” quickly post surgery. While you cannot force your partner to take it easy, encourage them to rest and limit activity so they can recover quicker. If you have children, having a friend or family member look after the kids for a few days is a good idea. It can allow your partner to rest peacefully and guilt free without worrying about the children. 

Make them a care package

If you’re unable to be at home during your partners’ recovery, create a care package for them. Ensure that the cold pack, water, panadol and some snacks are in close proximity to their recovery zone. They’ll have limited mobility so won’t feel like making the trip to get the basics often. You can also choose some enjoyable films, books, video games or podcasts for them to enjoy while they recover. 

Be sympathetic

While no one likes a whinger, being sympathetic to your partner’s pain post procedure is important. The pain comparison of ‘being kicked in the balls’ may not mean a lot to you if you don’t have male genitalia and you may feel tempted to compare their experience to the pain of childbirth. However, being sympathetic can go a long way. Understand that they will be in a degree of discomfort and pain for a few days and will likely just want to feel supported, listened to and loved. Caring words and a willingness to listen can make a world of difference.

Be patient

It’s recommended to abstain from any sexual activity for at least few days if not one week following the operation. During this time it’s important that you respect the recovery process. Wait until your partner feels ready and ensure to respect their boundaries especially surrounding any discomfort. You’ll also need to continue using another form of contraception until the procedure has been considered successful.

Schedule the check-up

The check-up appointment should not be missed. It’s essential to check that the procedure has been successful and there are no remaining sperm. It’s recommended to keep using contraception until the three month check-up. 


If you have any questions regarding the procedure and recovery process, attend the consultation with your partner or get in touch with the clinic.

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