Types of Appointments

The practitioner businesses practicing at HLGP offer Face to Face Appointments and also Telehealth Consultations to their patients (to those who are eligible).

Although the Doctors do try to keep to a telephone consultation appointment time that is booked, they may not be able to call right on your appointment time. It is strongly recommended that you do not have plans that make you unavailable around the time of your booking. If you need your call to be close to the booking time please let Reception know so they can put this on your booking.

The doctors may be able to accommodate ‘’Walk In’’ patients if it is an emergency.

Home Visits

The option for a Doctor at Hoppers Lane GP to conduct a Home Visit to one of their patients is determined by the Doctor. These decisions are made on a case-to-case basis.

Please Note

Telephone consults are only mixed billed if the patient requiring the appointment has had a face to face appointment with a Doctor at HLGP in the past 12 months. The only other exemption is if the patient has Covid 19 or is instructed to isolate due to being a close household contact. If the patient does not meet the criteria, a fee will be charged by the practitioner.

Additional Information about TeleHealth

Face to face consults can be held with your GP at Hoppers Lane General Practice but with telehealth you can book a time and stay at home for your appointment. Your doctor will call you during the day of the booking. You can book by either phone or online booking on HLGP’s App or website.

Although we do try to keep to the times this sometimes can be challenging. If you need your call to be close to the booking time please let reception know so they can put this on your booking.

Workcover and TAC have also introduced telehealth options

Your GP can prepare or review a Mental Health Care Plans by way of a telehealth consultation if they believe this is appropriate.