Are You Looking for a Family Medical Centre or Clinic? Doctors at Hoppers Lane General Practice Offer Quality Medical Services

Many people don’t consider their health unless they are unwell and need to see a doctor, but a family medical centre is not only a place to go to when you are sick. Apart from health services Hoppers Lane General Practice also offer services such as travel vaccinations if you intend to go abroad, medical examinations for licences, permits and pre-employment, and we even have a cosmetic clinic for rejuvenating treatments.

A Visit to a Family Medical Clinic Can Keep You Healthy

With advances in medical science, many of the services modern family doctors offer aim to keep patients healthy throughout their lifetime rather than treat them because they are sick. At Hopper’s Lane General Practice, we devote ourselves to disease prevention which is why we encourage our patients to visit us for a skin cancer check, children to have their vaccinations, and the entire family to regularly have a general medical check-up.

Patients can develop a condition such as asthma, allergies or cystic fibrosis at any age and as they become older, chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis are a risk to their wellbeing. Visiting a family medical practice for a regular check-up can help doctors to find early signs of a chronic health condition so that it is treated and managed in the long-term to prevent damage to a patient’s health.

Having a baby when the time is right is a joy to the entire family. At Hoppers Lane General Practice, we have highly trained shared maternity care doctors who will look after you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, the birth, and paediatric care. For patients who want to postpone pregnancy or who feel they’ve had enough babies, our women’s health clinic offers birth control options, and men can have a vasectomy right here at our family medical practice at an affordable rate.

Although there are indeed times in our lives when we need to see the doctor because of sickness or an injury, at Hoppers Lane General Practice, we have a holistic approach to caring for our patients. We believe in a regular check-up to make sure that you stay healthy throughout your lifetime; for this reason, our family medical centre employs doctors to care for our patients from paediatric visits to geriatric care.

If You are Sick or Have a Medical Emergency, Call Hoppers Lane General Practice

Hoppers Lane General Practice is an excellent family medical clinic when you need treatment for an acute illness or injury. We see patients for everything from a common cold to workman’s injuries, and if your condition requires further treatment or a hospital stay, our practice is across the street from Werribee Mercy Hospital.

We know that you can’t predict when you will be ill or suffer an injury, and even a regular check-up is challenging to schedule during working hours. At Hoppers Lane General Practice, we are open seven days a week, and on weekdays we make after-hours appointments for our patients until 11 pm.

We charge affordable rates and most fees are bulk billed to Medicare. To avoid paying a cash fee, remember to bring your current Medicare card as well as pension or concession cards when you come for your appointment.

It’s quick and easy to book an appointment online or call us at 03 8731 6500 and talk to the receptionist at Hoppers Lane General Practice if you would like to schedule an appointment or have questions about our services.