August – It’s All About The Tradie!

Working Tradies

Did you know that August is all about the Tradie?

These heroes push their bodies to extremes. They do this in order to squeeze into small spaces, bend around corners and stretch to impossible heights.

All this in an attempt to deliver the product or service that we have hired them for. Plumbers, Electricians, Cabinetmakers. All making valuable and irreplaceable contributions to our lives, our standard of living and our wellbeing.

But what damage are these everyday guys doing to their bodies and how can they help reduce these injuries?



A big player in any tradies life is the inability to get that work/life balance right at certain times of the year.

If you work outside there are a few windows of opportunity to rack up the hours and the money to stare away for a (literally) rainy day

Be aware of the hours that you are working and do take care to make sure you get plenty of R & R no matter how tempting to keep going. It is all well and good working 14 hours a day for four weeks straight than being laid up for a week unable to work.

Spring and Autumn are probably the most lucrative times of year for a tradie that works outside. The rain holds off and the sun isn’t too harsh. That doesn’t mean the sun can’t create problems long term. If you work outside you really should get your Skin Health Check undertaken annually. It is a quick and painless exercise which can put your mind at rest for another year!

Aches and Pains:

As bodies get older they are less resilient (as a general rule) and they struggle to repair themselves. It takes longer to get over a knock or a late night! You need to look after your body – it is the only one you get to occupy this time around!

Regular check-ups at your GP will help you identify any potential issues further down the road.

Chiropractors can offer a really valuable service and help keep your back and spine healthy. A healthy spine is really important to maintaining a healthy body.


Joint Pain:

Constant movement, squirming around and general contortionist activities are undertaken by many tradies can lead to joint pain.

One of the best ways to avoid this is a fitness regime that allows you to use your joints effectively and with as little strain as possible. Regular visits to the gym not only give you something else to think about but can really help strengthen your joints. This helps in avoiding troubles later in life.


Hearing, sight..

Health and Safety are much more aware of the damage that can be done to eyes and ears and tradies are encouraged to take the necessary precautions.

Unfortunately, not everyone does and this can lead to major issues further down the track. You should make sure you get regular checks on your ears and your eyes so that you can identify any issues early enough to do something about it!


Dust Inhalation:

Dependant on the environment in which you work this may or may not be an issue for you. There are tests that can be done that can check that your lung functions are not compromised by dust or inhalation of any kind.

Do yourself a favour an organise a full health check and give yourself peace of mind!