Does a vasectomy hurt?

Does a vasectomy hurt?

Considering a vasectomy, but worried about the pain? You are not alone. Many men are initially hesitant about undergoing a vasectomy because of the potential pain and discomfort involved. We have even been asked whether the pain of a vasectomy is comparable to a kick to the testicles! Fortunately, we can attest that it is not nearly as painful. 


You are likely to feel some pain during the procedure and while recovering, however both are not long lasting or exceedingly painful.


Is the procedure painful?

We use a procedure called a no scalpel vasectomy. This vasectomy does not use a scalpel, which reduces postoperative pain and improves recovery time. The operation usually takes around 30 minutes to complete.


During the operation, local anaesthetic will be applied which can cause some minor discomfort. 

Some patients also report that they feel some tugging or pressure during the procedure which can feel slightly uncomfortable, but not considered painful and eases by the end of the procedure. 


What about the recovery?

The recovery from a no scalpel vasectomy is expected to be slightly uncomfortable than the procedure. We recommend our patients to rest for 24 hours following the operation. As it’s an outpatient procedure, you are able to drive home afterwards. However, some men find it takes a few days until they feel 100 hundred per cent. We advise you to limit any strenuous activity such as cycling or running for at least seven days after the procedure. The same advice applies to any sexual activity. 


Following your procedure, your doctor will give you postoperative aftercare written advice and suggest any specific pain management options. Many patients report that icing the area, elevation and rest can help reduce swelling and quicken the recovery time. Any throbbing or pain usually lasts a few days and can be treated with over the counter medication such as Panadol or Nurofen. 


The risks involved

Just like any minor surgery, there are some minimal risks involved when undergoing a vasectomy like infection and minimal bleeding which can be managed easily. Many patients worry about increased cancer risk, however there is currently no evidence from clinical trials that shows an association between prostate cancer and having a vasectomy.

The risk of complications during a procedure is extremely low. There is a small risk of possible infection, blood clotting and chronic pain following a vasectomy. Your doctor will ensure you are aware of these before your procedure and can prescribe a postoperative treatment plan if necessary.

This article was reviewed by Dr Suman Musku

A UK-trained enthusiastic GP with 14 years’ experience. Dr Suman Musku has been working as a GP for several years and enjoys being a Generalist. His Membership in surgery and hospital rotations has allowed him to competently practice and manage Chronic Disease conditions and surgical problems.

His clinical interests include men’s health (vasectomies), dermatology and minor surgical procedures. Dr Suman has a passion towards teaching and has students from Melbourne Medical School. He holds high regards to communication skills and is appreciative of social/psychological factors involved in a patient’s life. “My aim is to strive towards providing exceptional standard of care to my patients”.