When You Need a General Practice Physician, a Williams Landing GP is the Doctor to See

When you have a health issue, a general practice doctor is the first port of call for treatment and advice. GPs have broad knowledge and the skill to diagnose most health issues, and a GP doctor can decide whether to treat your illness or if needed write a referral for you to see another health professional who is a specialist in your condition.

Medicare doesn’t offer a rebate to persons who see a specialist without a referral from their GP doctor, but that’s not the only reason to visit a general physician first. Should you need to see several different health professionals for treatment, your GP will be the person who coordinates your care.

Choose a General Practice Physician That’s Best for You

It’s best not to wait until you are sick or injured to book your first appointment with a GP. When you schedule an appointment for a general check-up, you can see whether you like them and start to develop a long-term relationship with your general practice doctor. Your GP will most likely take care of your health for many years, so it’s important to find someone you trust and whom you feel comfortable to talk with honestly and openly. At Hoppers Lane General Practice, we have male and female GPs; they understand the community’s culture and can speak several languages.

The Services You Need, at an Affordable Cost

A GP isn’t only there for you when you are sick, but a regular check-up can also help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Immunisations, management of chronic disease, and family planning can all add to a long, healthy life. At Hoppers Lane General Practice, these health services are available to patients at every stage of their life, and we also offer cosmetic treatments, travel health, and medical examinations for aviation, heavy vehicle and taxi licences.

When you don’t feel well or have suffered an injury and need to go to the doctor, the last thing you want to worry about is how much it will cost you. At Hoppers Lane General Practice, we charge Medicare rates and bulk-bill our patients’ claims. If you have a valid Medicare card, you won’t need to pay cash when you see a general physician. Bulk billing includes pathology and X-rays, but some services are excluded by Medicare. If you book a procedure such as a vasectomy, ask the receptionist for a quote before your appointment.

There’s a GP Doctor for You at Hoppers Lane General Practice

At Hoppers Lane General Practice we carefully select every general practice physician to serve the local community and its needs. If you regularly visit your Williams Landing GP for a check-up, they will get to know you and your family, which makes them better able to offer you care and treatment.

It’s easy to schedule your appointment; current patients, as well as new patients are welcome to book an appointment online to see a GP. Alternatively, call us at 03 8731 6500 to schedule an appointment or talk to the receptionist if you have questions about a general physician and the services we offer at Hoppers Lane General Practice.