Hoppers Lane General Practice is a GP Medical Clinic for Werribee with a Modern Vasectomy Procedure

Werribee residents can now enjoy the high quality modern medical care they deserve. Hoppers Lane General Practice is located nearby and provides a variety of medical procedures for the whole family. As a GP, we have doctors who will be able to provide you with supportive consultations to discuss your concerns then help direct and coordinate your ongoing medical care.

In addition to our GP clinic capacities, we offer elective procedures and surgeries. One of the standard procedures we offer is the vasectomy. As a modern part of preventive contraception, a vasectomy will give you tremendous confidence as you learn how effective the procedure is at preventing pregnancy.

What’s Involved in a Vasectomy for Werribee Men?

A vasectomy is not a new procedure, so there have been many developments since it was first pioneered to prevent pregnancy. While traditionally doctors would perform surgery that involved a scalpel cutting in and severing the vas deferens, there is now a way to accomplish the same procedure without the scalpel.

Medical professionals complete the modern no-scalpel vasectomy first by carefully locating the vas deferens from the exterior of the body. Once located, a small hole is made to expose it–the doctor will then cut or tie the tube and close the hole without even needing stitches to complete the procedure.

General anaesthetic is not usually used for this procedure, but we do apply a local anaesthetic to ensure you do not feel any pain. With the no-scalpel technique, you’ll be back to work the next day with minimal pain or discomfort.

Save Money with an Affordable Vasectomy

At our medical clinic, Werribee men will find the costs for preventative health services and vasectomies are well within budget. As a GP for Werribee and a full-service clinic with a variety of departments, we can cut overhead expenditures tremendously and reduce the cost of every procedure we perform. As a result, your out-of-pocket cost after Medicare is applied is typically just under $455.

Our experienced surgeons have been trained in the United Kingdom to offer this procedure with professional care and attention. Since our founding, our team has performed hundreds of vasectomies, and there is nothing like the direct experience of years of medical practice when it comes to providing supportive and reliable support to individuals and families in need of care.

Engage HLGP for All Your Medical Needs

Hoppers Lane General Practice has been open since 2012 and is home to a team of highly qualified doctors from a variety of medical backgrounds. We provide GP medical service for the suburbs of southwest Melbourne but are not limited to GP medical service. Our modern medical clinic can help you with a variety of elective surgeries and procedures, including a vasectomy.

We offer convenient hours and our friendly staff can help to answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to meet with a doctor or schedule online.