Turn to Hoppers Lane General Practice for a Clinic and Medical Centre Open Sunday

Hoppers Lane General Practice makes getting the care you need as convenient as possible. When you’re dealing with illness, injury, or a family member in need, your priority is finding the right care quickly. Since health issues always seem to happen at the worst times, you need to know there’s someone you can count on to be there for you—even on a Sunday.

We make every effort to create easy ways for you to contact us, book your appointment, and visit our facility. Even for non-emergency needs, our Hoppers Lane medical centre is open Sunday to work around your schedule. This flexibility lets you schedule your kids’ medical check-ups on a Saturday or Sunday and skin keeping them home from school for care during the week.

What Makes Hoppers Lane General Practice the Medical Clinic for Me?

You’ll find care for a variety of medical conditions and needs all in one place. As a general practice, we are happy to be the first ones you turn to for medical care of all kinds. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • General Medicine
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Shared Maternity Care
  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • Aviation Medicals
  • Cosmetic Injections
  • Skin Cancer Checks
  • Travel Vaccines

We provide care for the whole family and employ doctors who will give you special attention for men’s, women’s, or children’s health concerns. Our facility is state-of-the-art with all the equipment that supports high quality medical care. Our clinic service schedule includes being open on Saturday and Sunday so that you don’t have to schedule a day off from work for routine care.

The Vision Behind Hoppers Lane General Practice: a Medical Centre Right for Wyndham

We opened in 2012 with a clear concept and vision: be an outstanding medical centre open to the residents of Wyndham. We have maintained our focus on working with doctors that have the right credentials, maintaining modern and up-to-date facilities that work the way our patients need them to, and employing a helpful support team that will give a friendly, warm welcome to each of our patients, whether it is a first visit or someone who’s been with us from the beginning.

Our doctors are trained in current healthcare techniques and cover a variety of special interests. Within the same facility, we offer pathology and radiology labs as well as allied health, dental service, and a convenient cafe for while you wait.

We understand the pain and uncertainty that comes with dealing with a sick loved one and not knowing who to turn to for help. We’ve taken all the steps to remove that uncertainty for the residents of Wyndham and will continue to do so to support your family’s future health needs. Even though we offer all the available amenities of a large clinic, we still haven’t lost our small clinic roots. Before you even walk through the open door, you’ll feel the comfort and welcoming feeling our staff is proud to provide. Contact us any time Monday through Sunday to start a relationship that puts your family’s needs at the centre.