Dr Amir Faham


Medical acupuncturist

Dr Amir Faham is well trained specialist general practitioner and medical acupuncturist who has finished his medical training in 2009.

With his interest in holistic approach to the medicine he continued his study in general practice in Australia and gained his fellowship of general practice in 2016 from Royal Australian college of general practitioners.

He found Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to be very well-known and evidence-based field of alternate medicine with different type of holistic approach. He has finished his training in acupuncture from Australian medical Acupuncture college (AMAC).

Dr Amir is a committed GP with experience in a wide range of areas, additionally, he has special interest in skin cancer, chronic diseases, chronic pain, musculoskeletal medicine, weight management and mental health.

Patients highly regard Amir for his approachable and caring nature. He is thorough , compassionate and takes time to explain matters clearly which is a source of great comfort. Patients value Amir’s medical expertise, individualised personable treatment and emotional support he provides them.

Dr Amir is also involved in Doctors’ education and he is one of the examiners of RACGP for OSCE fellowship exam.

Besides being a Medical practitioner, he has always showed a balanced life in terms of work, family responsibilities and leisure time. He follows his personal interest in fitness, photography as well as being movie critic.

For more information regarding Dr Faham’s acupuncture clinic service please visit his website: dramirfaham.com.au.