Dr Saeideh Khodabakhshi




Dr Saeideh has been working as a General practitioner for 9 years.  Dr Saeideh is a member of Royal College of Australia for GP and member of Skin Cancer College of Australia

My goal is to improve the health of my patients with special interests in Skin cancer, mole biopsy and removals, skin checks, women’s health, Implanon implantation, chronic disease management, mental health, sexual health, weight management, minor procedures and all aspect of modern family practice consult.  I cherish my ability to have trusted relationship with my patients and taking care of their physical and mental health. Trying to help my patients to achieve their health goal in a reasonable and responsible period. 

Saeideh is also a Shared Care Maternity doctor who can manage your pregnancy with the local hospital. She also does the IUD contraception both insertions and removals. 

Apart from working as a GP, I have a wealth of experience in emergency (Orthopaedic and cardiovascular and infectious disease) were I worked as a senior medical officer in an emergency department for one year before I immigrated to Australia.