Online Bookings

Please Note

We have recently changed our online booking system. You can still book our doctors 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Information about TeleHealth

We still offer normal in-clinic consults with your GP at Hoppers Lane General Practice but with telehealth you now can book a time and stay at home for your appointment. The doctor will call you during the day of the booking. You can book by either phone or online booking on our App or Website. Although we do try to keep to the times this sometimes can be challenging. If you need your call to be close to the booking time please let reception know so they can put this on your booking.

Workcover and TAC have also introduced telehealth options.

Your Mental Health Care Plans can also be prepared or reviewed under these telehealth consultations.

Some Assessments can also be done over the phone so our most vulnerable can be supported via telehealth without having to come into the clinic.

Telehealth bookings are bulk billed.