PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a treatment that involves extracting plasma from the patient’s own blood. This plasma contains a high level of nutrient-rich platelets and when injected into a specific area, these platelets have a rejuvenating and healing effect.

In the body, platelets help clot the blood and release and synthesis growth factors. This means that when the skin is injured, proteins and platelets are released to stop any bleeding and kickstart the healing process.

It’s because the plasma in our blood has such a high concentration of platelets that it is so beneficial when used in cosmetic treatments, whether it’s a standalone or combination treatment.


What PRP Treats

PRP can be used to treat a number of different concerns, including:

  • Lines and wrinkles around the eye. As the skin around the eyes changes with age, lines and wrinkles become more prominent. PRP injections can be used to stimulate collagen production, which will help smooth out the skin around the eyes.
  • Acne scars. PRP injections can be used to remodel the collagen in scars, making them less noticeable.
  • Sunken cheeks. It’s normal for the cheeks to sag once the skin loses volume with age. PRP injections can be used to boost the cheeks by giving them a healthier and fuller appearance.
  • Hand age spots & wrinkles. By boosting the skin cells in the hands, PRP injections can reduce the appearance of age spots and rejuvenate the skin on the hands, resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  • Hair loss. PRP injections can also be used to stimulate the hair follicles, which can help address hair loss as well as thinning hair.


PRP Results

Most patients can expect to see results a week or two after treatment. However, if multiple treatments are required, more patience will be needed before the desired outcome can be achieved. The results that are seen will depend on the patient’s goals. Some of what can be expected includes improved skin tone and elasticity, smoother skin, a reduction in scarring and a healthy glow. If PRP was used for hair loss, patients may experience an increase in hair growth as well as thicker, healthier strands.