Shared Maternity Care

Shared Maternity Care – Bulk Billed

Book your next pregnancy with one of our three highly trained shared care doctors for the birth of your baby.

At Hoppers Lane General Practice, you will develop a one-on-one relationship with your doctor throughout each stage of your pregnancy. The doctor will explain all the different stages to you about your pregnancy, in a relaxed modern facility directly across the road from the Werribee Mercy Hospital. All your appointments will be bulk billed for your shared cared doctor appointments.

Your doctor will take care of all your pregnancy needs from your antenatal check ups to referrals for tests, ultrasounds and vaccinations.

Once your baby is born your HLGP doctor will continue to take care of both you and your new baby. This includes your six-week check-up, baby immunisations, family planning as well as the ongoing care for your entire family.

Our doctors: