Top 8 Quit Smoking Tips

Okay, so we all know the damage that smoking does to our heart, our lungs and a whole host of other organs, right? We don’t need to be told how much higher our risks of getting cancer are as a smoker, do we? We know our fitness is shot and that our clothes, hair and breath smell like an abandoned ashtray. But quitting can seem so daunting. Almost too hard to bear…

We have pulled together a few ideas on how you can make it easier on yourself. Yeah, no one ever said it was easy but it doesn’t have to be the torturous endeavour that we sometimes think it might be.

With the right support network and pre planning it can be easier than without. Knowing that you have people around to encourage you can make stopping smoking bearable, just!

Tip 1:

Preparation is the key! As with anything the better prepared you are the more successful your outcome is likely to be. You can speak to your Doctor or research options on the internet. You may choose to ask friends or family what they did when they quit. But however you choose make sure you have a plan.

Tip 2:

Nicotine replacement products do prove extremely helpful to some people. This is especially true when used alongside a support network such as Quitline.


Tip 3:

Another option for help when quitting smoking is hypnotherapy. There are some that have had some real success with this but d your research. Recommendations are te way to go if this is the path you choose.

Tip 4:

Change your habits. Most people really enjoy a smoke after a meal. Don’t do what you would normally do and then sit craving. Go out for a walk, jump in the shower or do a jigsaw. Something, anything to distract you from your normal behaviour.


Tip 5:

Vitamin C is said to be a great aid in quitting. It helps with the cravings and will help to keep you on track.


Tip 6:

Throw out all cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters and anything else that might remind you of smoking. Wash your clothes and clean your car to remove the smell of smoke.

If smoking was your way of taking a break or you used cigarettes as rewards for yourself, find alternatives for these activities. Go for a short walk, buy a magazine or have a cup of tea instead of a cigarette.

Tip 7:

Join a gym or a class of some sort. As the weeks go by you will notice how much more able you are in completing the routines. Your fitness levels will increase and so will your motivation.

Tip 8:

Use your Doctor as your most useful resource. They know you and they can provide you with support, encouragement and a reason to go on when you can’t find one! Doctors can help in all sorts of ways. Before you do anything else, why not go along to your GP and have a chat about your plans to quit smoking. They will be able to put you on the path to success!