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Travelling, while fun, can quickly become an unpleasant experience if you are exposed to viruses or diseases on your journey. Foreseeing the possible threats and protecting yourselves before every trip – whether business or leisure – is impossible without proper professional care and medical guidance.

Before your holiday or business trip

The GP businesses at Hoppers Lane General Practice cater for all your travel vaccinations in Melbourne before your trip.

The qualified doctors who work from the premises provide a wide range of vaccinations in a comfortable and friendly environment. We are conveniently located just off Princes Highway – less than 5 minutes’ drive from Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Point Cook.

Deciding which vaccinations you need for your trip

The exact combination of vaccinations you need for your trip depends on many factors. It is wise to discuss the details of your trip with your doctor and they can develop an immunisation plan tailored to your itinerary.

Some of our common inoculations include:

  • Yellow fever: Yellow fever is a disease that is spread by mosquitoes and typically found in more tropical climates. Symptoms of this illness include fever, chills, loss of appetite, muscle pain and vomiting. Although yellow fever only lasts for three to four days, it is not something you want to combat while you are on holiday.
  • Typhoid: The bacterial infection known as typhoid brings with it extremely uncomfortable symptoms. It is a recommended vaccine for those travelling to areas where there are issues with poor sanitation and hygiene. Ailments associated with this disease include fever, abdominal pain and constipation.
  • Boostrix: This vaccine is used to prevent the effects of bacterial illnesses such as diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. The shot works by injecting a small dose of the bacteria so that your body develops immunity against the disease. Although this shot is usually administered to children, it’s important to verify that adults have received the vaccine before any travel as these illnesses could be potentially life-threatening.
    What to bring to your consultation.

Make the most out of your consultation by bringing the basic details of your trip. Bring the information below so your travel doctor can map out an immunisation plan tailored to your specific requirements:

  • Past immunisation history
  • Itinerary
  • Dates you are travelling away
  • Any challenging or out-of-the-way accommodation you may be staying in
  • Any special activities (skiing, surfing, etc.)


How much is a travel consultation?
Travel consultations at Hoppers Lane GP are mixed billed. If you have not been to Hoppers Lane GP before, you are required to pay during your first visit.

How much is a follow up consultation?
Unlike the first consultation, follow up consultations are mixed billed.

Is there a Medicare rebate?
There is no medicare rebate required because the consultation is mixed billed.

How much do vaccinations cost?
Different vaccinations accrue different costs. Please contact reception on (03) 8731 6500 to learn more.

Are travel vaccinations in Melbourne covered by Medicare?
Travel vaccines are not covered by Medicare. You will have to pay for the cost of the vaccine, but the consultation will be mixed billed. If you have not been to Hoppers Lane GP before, you are required to pay during your first visit.

Can I travel with prescription medicine outside of Australia?
The regulations for travelling overseas with medication vary from country to country.

Can I claim the cost of my travel vaccinations back on my private health insurance?
This depends entirely on your insurer. Please check with your insurer to see whether they allow you to claim travel vaccinations back on your insurance. The insurance will usually pay out after full payment is made.

Which travel vaccines does Hoppers Lane GP stock on site?

– Yellow Fever
– Hepatitis A
– Hepatitis B
– Polio
– Typhoid
– Meningitis ACWY
– Meningitis B
– Measles
– Influenza – recommended for all undertaking plane travel

Available on prescription: Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis

If you are planning a business trip or vacation soon, you can visit a doctor at Hoppers Lane GP for a consultation to help to identify the vaccinations and preventive measures that could be essential before your journey. The appointment for your consultation can be booked by contacting (03) 8731 6500.

The GP businesses practicing at Hoppers Lane GP service: Werribee and surrounding areas like Wyndham Vale, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Truganina.

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