How much does a Vasectomy cost in Melbourne, Australia?

Is it possible to get a free vasectomy?

No – sorry! There is no way to get a free vasectomy here in Australia. Vasectomies are considered an elective surgery, so you will always incur some level of cost.

Is a vasectomy covered by medicare?

Medicare will not cover the full cost of a vasectomy and the amount they cover varies from person to person. lists the rebate for vasectomies as between $177 and $201, so you can expect to see that much money returned to your account after the procedure. The total amount returned to you will depend on a number of factors, such as whether you have private health insurance or a healthcare card.

The cost of a vasectomy in Melbourne

The price of a vasectomy varies greatly in Melbourne. As mentioned above, the amount you actually pay overall depends on a number of factors, such as medicare rebates, private insurance, and more. There are a number of other factors that influence the price of a vasectomy, including:
  • The location of a clinic: more expensive locations attract higher rental prices, thus pushing up the price of many procedures
  • The surgeon that you chose to perform your procedure: this changes based on the experience the surgeon has and how in demand they are
  • The type of anaesthetic used during the vasectomy: local anaesthetic costs more than general anaesthetic
  • The type of procedure performed: typically, a no scalpel procedure is cheaper than a conventional vasectomy
Hoppers Lane GP offers vasectomies at an out of pocket cost of less than $500. This price is considered fairly low, so it’s worth checking with your local provider before you book.

Does the price of a vasectomy differ based on what procedure you have done?

Yes – the price of a vasectomy varies based on the type of procedure, with no scalpel vasectomies being the most affordable for a number of reasons. In contrast to conventional vasectomy operations, no scalpel procedures make no incisions into the scrotum. No scalpel vasectomies take less time, cause less infections, and require no sutures to close up incisions. For these reasons, no scalpel procedures are by far the most affordable.

Where can I get the most affordable vasectomy in Melbourne?

If you are looking for a low cost, high quality no scalpel vasectomy in Melbourne stop by Hoppers Lane GP. Our procedures are listed at the most competitive prices in Melbourne – only $500 out of pocket cost. Booking is easy. You don’t require a referral and the procedure is done under local anaesthetic, which means you can drive in and drive out. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your options

This article was reviewed by Satish Singh

Dr Singh is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He graduated from Ranchi University in 1990 and then completed his Masters in General surgery from Patna University, India. In 1996 he moved to England and worked in several fields, such as emergency medicine, orthopaedics, surgery and urology before he became Fellow of Royal college of physicians and surgeons, Glasgow, Scotland. He has special interests in surgical procedures, vasectomies, skin checks and aesthetic procedures.